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W Poplin Engineering provides services in the areas of vehicle accident reconstruction and accident analysis including automobile and heavy vehicle event data recorder  downloads. W Poplin Engineering identifies the cause of accidents and analyzes the sequence of events.

Woodrow M. Poplin, P.E. - Expert Witness

Woodrow M. Poplin, P.E.

ACTAR # 74

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ECM Download - HVEDR

ECM Download - HVEDR

truck accident reconstruction

Truck Accident Reconstruction

crash data retrieval

Crash Data Retrieval

motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Boat-Marine Accident Reconstruction

Boat Accident Reconstruction


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Accident reconstruction clientele include industry, insurance and the legal profession.  


Individually - Over 30 Years of Accident Reconstruction 

Individually - Over 2800 Accidents Evaluated